Writing resume

Bad tone in writing resume

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The resume not only introduces the recruiter to the specialist, but also accompanies the entire hiring process. It is read, reread, passed on to the hiring manager. In some companies, the resume will be evaluated in turn by three or even four people. However, first, who should impress the resume, of course, the recruiter. On average, the search staff pass 100-300 resumes per day. Sometimes this figure exceeds 500. With this amount, it is simply unrealistic to read all the summaries, and the recruiter pays attention first to the most important points. You should remember that CV it is not essay and there are skills of high college essay writing is needed. There are different recommendations on the structure of the resume with nuances for those or other professions and companies. The following structure is considered universal:
name and surname;
the photo;
Contact Information;
purpose (desired position);
key competences (if the section of experience is large);
additional education (trainings, seminars);
additional information (language proficiency, driver’s license).
This structure of the summary can be considered universal. It will be appropriate for any field of activity.
Bad tone: a photo on a bright background, with parties, from a family archive. Do not specify the gender. The family situation and the availability of children will also be superfluous in most cases. Information on his divorce, civil marriage and other ambiguous facts should not be categorically recommended.

“Hat” and goal

At the very top are the name, surname and contact details. On the right – photo. You do not need to specify a patronymic, now this is not accepted. From contacts write phone number, e-mail and city of residence. Under this section, place the target. The goal is the desired position. Alternatively, you can specify several adjacent areas. This is true if there are no open vacancies in the company, but you would like to work there in the future, and also if you send a resume to the agency. For radically different directions it is better to create different summaries.

Core competencies
If you have a fairly rich experience that you cannot look at in a couple of seconds, you can distinguish the key competences section. It describes the skills and areas of knowledge in which you consider yourself an expert. You can also specify a few personal qualities that are directly related to official duties.
Bad ton: Do not write as core competencies those skills that you applied just once or twice. This section is a manifestation of the best experience and qualities; it should be short.

How to describe education and experience?
Education and experience are blocks that can change places. Different recruiters have different priorities. But more often education is still placed before the experience. In the basic education section, universities and specialties are indicated. If you graduated from college before college, do not write it. And the more you do not need to specify a school. In the list of additional education will be useful any training that deals with job responsibilities.
Experience is described in reverse chronology – from the present moment to the past. Specify only relevant experience, student bartending by the barman – unnecessary information in the resume of the marketing expert or creative director. Leave the last and penultimate place of work, and from the previous experience – only the most significant: high positions, well-known brands. Long breaks in the experience cause caution, so they are better explained: by decree, by the state of health, by family circumstances.
Bad ton: Recruiters pay special attention to dates in the experience section. Those positions on which the applicant has worked for less than two years, produce not the best impression: it seems that a person cannot stay at work.

Describing experience, it is necessary to indicate what you did, and to disclose the main achievements. Achievements are your benefit to a company that can be measured and expressed in specific figures. For each profession, achieve their own. The seller should specify the sales volumes, the marketer – known projects and their profits, the developer – technology and data volumes.
Bad ton: The experience without achievements reduces the attractiveness of the resume by about one and a half times. The same is done and achievements without specifics.

Personal qualities
It is better to abandon the pattern words and expressions, replace them with living forms that are close to spoken. Personal qualities, like professional achievements, need to be supported by examples. “Purposeful” is a word that does not mean anything. It will be more useful to say: “I achieve the set goals precisely in time: I passed the project on time, when the leading developer unexpectedly went to the sick-list.”

The total amount of the resume is 2 pages. I do not advise you less if you are not a student or a very young specialist. More is superfluous. If you need details, the recruiter will ask additional questions in the interview or ask the CV.

Reread your resume several times, remove all unnecessary, add significant facts, also do not forget to check spelling. If needs, you can ask to help special essay writing services, which also have specialists to check all this information. A competent and well-structured resume is a chance that the company will highly appreciate your candidacy, including in money terms.